About Us

Victorian Home and Community Care (VHACC) was founded to provide high intensity and holistic supports around individuals and families.

VHACC was established by the CEO of the Victorian International Academy, which delivers a range of professional qualifications to students with a strong focus on the community service professions. VHACC is centred around a team with experience across education, disability, child protection and youth justice and homeless services. As a result of this varied experience VHACC is confident in working with participants and clients who are supported by multiple service systems.

For the people we support this means ready access to experienced practitioners with a commitment to ongoing professional development and who understand the wide range of complexities and individual can encounter. Clients and participants can expect a trauma and developmentally informed response which is mindful of the impact disability has on a person’s whole-of-life experience.


To provide the highest quality service based on industry leading practice to people who require support.


Deliver individualised services which wrap around the individual, leveraging their strengths and meeting their needs to provide the support they need to realise their potential.


Victorian Home and Community Care exists to give people the opportunity to realise their full potential, exercise their rights and take control of their life.

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Why Choose Us

Victorian Home and Community Care is unique in having a training background meaning that at our core we are a learning organisation. We pride ourselves on a diverse leadership team which can draw on a range of practice fields.

This diversity means our support staff work in a cross-discipline way. Our nursing and physical care and support staff also understand community and interpersonal support, and our community service specialists understand health and disability.

For our clients and participants this means they receive supports which are mindful of their whole-of-life needs, and each support delivered aligns closely with others which may also be accessed. In this way we provide a seamless service that integrates into a wider care team and provides a genuine wrap-around service that strengthens both our client or participant but their wider social connections.

With our direct access to quality training when your needs change we strive to train our support staff to meet them, rather than see the loss of a trusted support worker with whom you connect.

Our priority is to help you achieve your goals by providing quality personalised care solutions to ensure you lead a life in the way you choose.


For a detailed list of the service we provide please see our service page.


Victorian Home and Community Care will always be honest, responsible and accountable for their own actions.


To always treat each other and clients with consideration, empathy and compassion.


We will strive to provide the most outstanding quality of support services through, attentiveness, integrity and truly listening to our clients and staff.


Is the key that drives our company to provide a person-centred support service unique to each individual's need.